2012 Jan Raffle Prizes

"Raffle Prizes"

$2 per ticket, or 3 for $5 - IF you buy 3 for $5 you get a 'Free Spin' of the wheel - you will be given a special ticket for this. The wheel will have prize stickers stuck on it at random, you may win a prize you may not.
Prizes are below - I will spread them out through out the day to keep it interesting.
You have to buy 3 tickets for $5 to spin the wheel, you can not just buy a ticket to spin the wheel.

Main prize - 3x3mtr Deluxe Oztrail Gazebo
Hastings Camping & Outdoors
66 High St, Hastings VIC 3915
(03) 5979 2858

Lucky Pet - https://www.luckypet.com.au

1 x Box of 100 Pigs Ears - will be individual prizes on the wheel
5 x Lucky Pet Treat packs (each pack contains 100g beef liver, 50g lamb puff, 200g roo nibbles and 100g dried chicken breast)
1 x Large Furminator deshedding brush
1 x 3kg bag of Black Hawk Holistic Dog Food
1 x wormer pack (4pk Aristopet all wormer (1 yr supply for lg dog) and 6 months of Aristopet heartshield chews)
1 x toy pack (1 large Kong Wubba Ballistic Friend and 1 large Fat Cat plush toy)

Genetic Technologies - https://www.gtglabs.com
DNA Vouchers

Show Stackers - https://www.showstackers.com

Have donated a set of show stackers.

Cool Champions - https://www.coolweave.com.au
1 x Medium cool mat
1 x Ty-O-Te cooling neck wrap for owner/handler